The Bft Team

Let's get to know each other better

Bft is not simply a group of factories, warehouses and offices; it is first and foremost a group of persons. This is why we constantly invest energy in our human resources, convinced that it is our people who lay the foundations for the development and success of the company. Different yet synergic professional skills, at times geographically distant but always sharing the objective of always been a step ahead. There are 500 Bft employees located around the world, overseen by a team of highly specialised General Managers and Directors.
These are their faces.

Fabio Billo

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Fabio Zordan

I&L Director Access Automation Pole

Giuliana Pastore

HR Director

Francesco Marin

BU Residential & Industrial Solutions Director

Andrea Lapo Daviddi

Chief Information Officer

Enrico Pirrone

Director of Distribution

Nicola Cattozzo

Group Chief Financial Officer

Renzo Renzi

Project and Development Director

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