Parking and traffic bollards

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Complete range of automatic electromechanical retractable bollards for the protection and safety of all areas that require controlled access.
Shaft height 500 and 700mm. Ideal for collective use.

Products :

Fixed bollards used for preventing access for long periods. Bolted to the ground, their purpose is to block an access point or a road. They can integrate the use of automatic or semi-automatic bollards.

Products :

Bollards are important to regulate traffic and manage parking facilities for vehicles of all types. Bft has an extensive range of bollards and has developed specific technology for a variety of purposes. The bollard range is suitable for both public and private environments, it includes:
- fixed bollards, complementing more complex solutions;
- semi-automatic bollards, released manually using a specific key which operates a gas spring.
- Automatic bollards; raised and lowered electromechanically or hydraulically, useful wherever vehicle access control is essential;
The products in this category are assessed by impact strength which is particularly important in public and private environments. This feature helps to ensure that the bollard continues to be effective even after a collision.

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Control unitPower supplyPower consumptionOpening or closing timeRod heightRod diameterType of limit switchSlowdownImpact resistanceBreak-in proofManual cycleFrequency of useProtection ratingEnvironmental conditionsU-LinkOperator typeRod thicknessRod treatmentRod fixing

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