Einfahrts-/Ausfahrtsterminal für Parksysteme zur gemeinsamen Nutzung, kann auch im Standalone-Betrieb verwendet werden. Das Gerät überwacht die Einfahrt oder Ausfahrt und kann an elektromechanische Schranken angeschlossen werden.


Stand-alone system solution able to work without any wired connection; this is allowing to have a system able to work without the need of expensive civil work for the ducts. This modular system works based on the fact that all information are carried by means of the 2D barcode in the ticket. Easy to install and maintain thanks to the acces placed in front of the station.


Parking system for commercial and professional application where it is possible to have the system cabled via RS485 or TCP/IP The extreme modularity allows to solve the majority of all application including lot booking fuction, car license plate recognition, charging station interface etc. All operations at Entry, POF machine and Exit are displayed on the displays together with voice messages in order to have a user friendly experience for the customer. The Software Management System of this Solution allows to monitor all devices and to quickly have control of all records regarding the Parking usage.


Parking system for commercial and professional applications, which can operate wired via an RS485 or TCP/IP network. The extreme modularity of the units ensures flexibility in any situation, from the simplest to the most complex systems with reservations, number plate recognition, electric vehicle recharging, etc. All operations at Entry, Pay On Foot and Exit are assisted by display and voice messages in order to enhance the customer experience. The Parking Management Software allows to monitor all system components and rapid analysis of parking usage data.


Quadro Espas 30 can manage proximity cards directly on the lane or at the POS The unit works in a wired network as a component between the other elements of the system. It has the main function to manage entry and exit station


The Server together with its SW manage the database of the Parking System and it includes back-up for all data.


POS and data management station with PC and Monitor. The integrated Janica SW allows a smart and user friendly solution for the Parking management and cashier function such as ticket payment, subscription management. All operation are recorded and available with various report type for the correct management of the Parking


The Janica Software is the solution to easily manage a Parking system Espas 30. All operation can be easily done by a simple and intuitive graphic interface. Janica is flexible and easily usable for every Parking System configuration being it simple or a complex one.


Software modules for wired Parking systems


TUVA is a UHF antenna for TAGS reading. It is available only for wired Parking Systems. This antenna, placed close to a gate, allows the transit for vehicles bearing a valid TAG associated with a subscription. This allows a seamless transit when approaching the gate. The subscription associated to a TAG can be easily managed by the Janica Software.


NEA is a High Definition ANPR. It can be integrated in a wired Parking System for a seamless experience. This device allows users with registered License Plate into the database to enter/exit from Parking withou any stop at the gate. The camera has to be mounted close to the entry/exit stations and allows users with registered License Plate into the database to enter/exit from Parking without any stop by the stations.


SMARTLIGHT is a parking guidance system that helps the driver to easily find free parking spaces within the area. Illuminated panels together with sensors that are detecting the state (empty/full ) of a stall, the system helps the driver to easily find free spaces. The parking operators can easily monitor the parking area efficiency thanks to the SW that graphically shows the empty/full areas. It also allows to have statistical analysis.


SMARTGATE is a web based system for access control. It is based on licens plate reading, it is simple, intuitive interface, various reports are available for statistic use.

Bft bietet eine Reihe von Lösungen zur Parkraumbewirtschaftung von Basismodellen für kleine Haltebuchten bis zu komplexeren Systemen, die große Parkflächen abdecken. Wenn es um die Zugangskontrolle geht, hängt die Wahl des jeweils geeignetsten Produktes ab von der Anzahl der täglichen Öffnungen des Zugangs, der erforderlichen Breitenmaße und der Art der Schrankensteuerung (durch Fernbedienung, U-Link, mit Kamera und Fernsteuerung). Es geht um verkabelte oder Stand-Alone-Modelle; die Modelle mit Kabelanschluss gehören zu den neuesten Systemen für Parkplätze und können per Web dank einer Software auch aus der Ferne gesteuert werden.

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