Reserved Area

Municipality of San Candido, Bolzano, Italy


Management of ZTL (restricted traffic area) with automatic bollards with customised logo of the municipality on the shaft, allowing vehicle traffic only at certain times of the day. The bollard must be equipped with a buzzer and led lights for greater visibility of the moving device. The installation was completed by a road cabinet (totem) housing the bollard control units, with red and green red traffic light to signal the bollard status and antenna for RFID tags, for remote management by the local police.


Electromechanical automatic bollards with steel totem housing the control units and 360° led traffic lights with RFID tag antenna.

Pontremoli (MS), Italy


To increase the safety of the city centre restricted traffic area.


Passages closed off with Ministerial bollards DK 700L and specific accessories.

Sirmione (BS), Italy


Closure of the historical centre of Sirmione.


Closure by 2 bollards on the entrances and exits to the historical centre.

Polo fieristico Israele


Management of access to trade fair pole car parks with intensive-use automatic barriers for 5 m booms with led lights. Barriers with customised RAL painting.


Intensive-use automatic barriers with integrated inverter technology guaranteeing up to 20,000 manoeuvres a day, 5 metre aluminium boom with incorporated led lights.

Municipality of Thiene, Vicenza, Italy


Management of ZTL (restricted traffic area) with automatic bollards allowing vehicle traffic only at certain times of the day. The bollard must be equipped with a buzzer and led lights for greater visibility of the moving device. Request for shaft adhesive customised with the logo of the municipality.


Automatic bollards with led lighting on the cap and incorporated buzzer for greater visibility when the system is moving.

POREK, Croatia


Management of ZTL (restricted traffic area) with automatic bollards allowing vehicle traffic only at certain times of the day. The bollard must be equipped with a buzzer and led lights to ensure the clear visibility of the moving device, with stainless steel finish for greater resistance to salty fog.


Automatic bollard with led light cap with incorporated buzzer, stainless steel shaft for greater resistance to salty fog.

Aregai Marina, Sanremo SP, Italy


Management of marina member and occasional visitor accesses via ANPR plate reader and automatic car park system with barriers; possibility to grant bonuses to hotel customers inside the Marina.


Automatic car park system with BcBonus system.

Frassini Camper Area, Frassino Peschiera del Garda (VR), Italy


Camper parking area with remote connection and automatic camper van height measurement for differentiated tariff application. Fixed tariff for first hour for waste water discharge and exit from the parking area.


Aura-30 automatic car park system.

Kuwait City - Kuwait


Access control with individually controlled safety bollards, in groups of 7 with synchronised opening and closing all together, with traffic light signals.


14 PILLAR-B hydraulic bollards divided into 2 groups of 7 for entry and exit, with 14 Perseo CBD control units with parallel and push button controls.

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Technical Download Area

In this section you will find all documents Bft interest you.


Bft Training Academy

How do we face up to the challenge of the future? With training. Bft Academy runs free lessons, taught by Bft personnel, for both company employees and customers. The Academy offers a range of courses covering both technical and commercial subjects. An initiative that allows anyone working with Bft to develop their know-how, thus guaranteeing an increasingly professional service for users.
Customers can register with the Bft Academy on-line platform, enrolling in courses by consulting the published training calendar. They can download slides and documents and watch videos, using all the teaching materials needed to move on to the next level.


Spare parts

In this section you can view the exploded diagrams of all Bft products. By separating and highlighting individual components, it is easy to identify the part to be replaced and request a new part.



Magistro is the Bft system used to quickly and intuitively manage the whole home automation system from home or remotely. A cutting-edge technology incorporated in Magistro Brain, the single concentrator that controls all the modules connected to the system.



Axxedo is the access control system used to create distributed or centralised systems, with the full and total control of the functions, even off-line. Axxedo stands out for its system modularity and expandability, allowing you to modify the number and type of gates controlled without replacing any of the previously installed components. The range includes central management units and peripheral controllers that communicate with each other by bus or with free type wiring, controlled by the Axxedo soft management software, an immediate and intuitive programme. The connection without polarity not only makes wiring immediate but avoids the possibility of error for the installer and protects the system from connection inversion. Axxedo: modular, expandable, safe.


Blue Entry

Practicality and safety combined in a single system. With Blue Entry, simply touch your smartphone screen or keep the app in auto mode to open the house gate. A simple solution making a remote control no longer necessary. At the same time, Blue Entry guarantees top security, allowing access only to smartphones configured in the accessory receiving the signal.



Attention: To use the U-SDK software and find out all its functions, it is necessary to register at this website:

Is a programme which for the sake of simplicity is comparable to a driver for normal Pc devices. Via U-SDK, systems integrators can make other brands of home automation systems dialogue with Bft products interconnected in a U-link network. With an extremely simple syntax, this software translates external commands into the U-Link language. Every command can be interpreted by the Bft cards, which can at the same time produce information on the system status.


U-Base 2, U-Base Cloud

Attention: To use the U-BASE 2 software and find out all its functions, it is necessary to register at this website:

U-Base 2 is a programme designed to facilitate the management and maintenance of a system interconnected via U-Link. With U-Base 2 it is possible to control and monitor all the operating parameters of an automated system.
U-Base cloud, proposed to U-Base 2 license holders, is a service that manages and maintains the systems, archiving them in the Bft cloud. The users enabled by the licence holder can quickly and precisely modify the system operating parameters and view the list of recorded alarms via a web connection.


Literature Download Area

In this area you can download all the commercial documentation and videos made available to your national branch.

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Home Access Automation

Give life to your home.

A wide range of innovative products suitable for every need: the solutions that Bft has designed for Home Access Automation. Easy to install and intuitive to use, our home automation systems are the result of ongoing technological research and an approach focused on the individual, with the aim of facilitating the installer's work and making life easier for the end user. The production of residential automation systems is an important sector for Bft, through which the company has grown to become an international Full Access Specialist.

Discover the Bft products and solutions designed for the Home Access Automation sector.
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Building Access Automation

Technology at the service companies.

Bft offers cutting-edge solutions, designed to meet all the technical and operational needs of installers involved in the Building Automation Access sector. Over the years we have designed and created a wide range of technologically advanced products, supported by software able to control several operators at the same time, even remotely. Thanks to our expertise in access automation for industrial and commercial structures, we can offer installers not only the best products but also the technical support necessary for carrying out the work efficiently, through the organisation of on site training during installation and maintenance of the system.

Discover the Bft products, solutions and services designed for the Building Access Automation sector.
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Urban Access Automation

A smarter city and on a human scale.

Systems for the management of car parks, road barriers, bollards and access control in city centres are some of the Bft products designed for the Urban Access Automation sector. Thanks to the expertise acquired over the years, our technicians can understand your needs and propose a custom offer, with particular attention to limiting costs. Bft dedicated Urban Traffic Management systems offer latest-generation solutions with high technological content and ensure qualified professional assistance during implementation and maintenance of the system.

Discover the Bft products, solutions and services designed for the Urban Access Automation sector.
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